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Using TLS certificates with Amazon ECS Service Connect

With this release, Amazon ECS integrates with AWS Private CA and automates the process of issuing, distributing, and rotating certificates, making it simple for customers to secure traffic between services without adding extra operational workload.

A post showing how to enable TLS on ECS services using Service Connect

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Hi! I'm Jeramiah!

Hi! I’m Jeramiah Dooley, and I manage the team of Developer Advocates that support ECS, App Mesh, Service Connect and the rest of the components and tools that are used to deploy containerized applications.

Meet Jeramiah Dooley, developer advocate manager at AWS

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Hello World

Well, well, well. Look what we have here. You have no idea how pleased I am to present to the world the newest resources for AWS Builders using Amazon Elastic Container services.

Welcome to Containers on AWS, the newest resource for AWS builders who want to deploy containerized applications on Amazon ECS