Workshop: Serverless First on AWS

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Nathan Peck
Senior Developer Advocate at AWS


During this workshop you will learn about how building solutions on AWS by leveraging a "serverless-first" philosophy can provide increased agility, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and be the fastest path to production.

We will then build a chat application that uses a variety of serverless services. In the process you will learn about the primary serverless compute services, understand how these services can work together to deliver a cohesive solution, and gain confidence in architecting workloads with serverless first patterns.

Architecture Diagram

The following diagram shows the architecture that is deployed in the workshop:

Customer VPCCloudFrontApp Runner Service VPCApplication Load BalancerPrivate subnetPrivate subnetAmazon ECSPrivate subnetPrivate subnetAmazon DynamoDBAmazon OpenSearchMessage TableAWS LambdaIndexerAWS LambdaSearchChatAWS FargateAWS FargateAWS FargateAWS FargateEnvoy ProxyAPI Gateway

The application has three main components:

  1. A frontend web application, which is powered by an AWS App Runner container
  2. A backend WebSocket chat server, which runs in AWS Fargate
  3. A search indexer and search query endpoint, which is powered by AWS Lambda and Amazon OpenSearch Serverless

Start the Workshop

You can find the workshop at:

Serverless First Workshop


Running this workshop on your own requires an AWS account and will result in charges on that account. If you prefer to learn for free, then watch the AWS Events page for an AWS summit or convention near you. Many AWS events feature workshops such as this one, and workshops run at live events are completely free for attendees.

Check out a demo

If you would just like to check out a live demo of the application then visit and send a few messages.