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Amazon ECS Core Concepts

This presentation covers core concepts of Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) orchestration. It is designed to introduce containers on AWS, and the key topics you need to master to be successful with a container deployment.

Core concepts of containers and using Amazon ECS to manage containers on AWS

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Amazon ECS Scalability Best Practices

This presentation covers best practices for planning and executing an auto scaling strategy for containers on AWS under Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) orchestration. It covers the following topics:

How to scale a container application using Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate

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Why use containers for your application?

Containers are a popular open source standard for developing, packaging, and operating applications at scale. There are a few key benefits to using containers: Packaging Containers provide you with a reliable way to gather your application components and package them together into one build artifact.

What are the benefits of packaging your application as a container?

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Why use infrastructure as code?

Infrastructure as code is the process of provisioning and managing your cloud resources by writing a template file that describes what infrastructure you want to create.

Infrastructure as code can help you deploy cloud architecture faster and more reliably.

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Hi! I'm Jeramiah!

Hi! I’m Jeramiah Dooley, and I manage the team of Developer Advocates that support ECS, App Mesh, Service Connect and the rest of the components and tools that are used to deploy containerized applications.

Meet Jeramiah Dooley, developer advocate manager at AWS

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Hello World

Well, well, well. Look what we have here. You have no idea how pleased I am to present to the world the newest resources for AWS Builders using Amazon Elastic Container services.

Welcome to Containers on AWS, the newest resource for AWS builders who want to deploy containerized applications on Amazon ECS