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Sparking joy in container host maintenance

I’m sure you can relate to this story: Step 1: You build the perfect application, … Step 3: you never think about it again. In the end, your team hands you a trophy and you get a massive raise for your efforts as well as the love/adoration of junior, senior, and executive colleagues.

A look at maintaining the host OS for container nodes

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The TL;DR of security with Amazon ECS

Imagine you sit down with your boss and they ask you “What do you think about Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) and security?” It’s a big topic, but worth exploring.

A high-level overview of Amazon ECS security

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Using TLS certificates with Amazon ECS Service Connect

With this release, Amazon ECS integrates with AWS Private CA and automates the process of issuing, distributing, and rotating certificates, making it simple for customers to secure traffic between services without adding extra operational workload.

A post showing how to enable TLS on ECS services using Service Connect