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Ravi Yadav
Ravi Yadav
AWS Guest Author
 Nov 28, 2023 11 min read

How Smartsheet optimized cost and performance with AWS Graviton and AWS Fargate

The post was co-written by Skylar Graika (Sr Principal Engineer, Smartsheet)


Highly successful companies know that maintaining an accelerated pace of innovation is key to continued growth. They are increasingly looking to modernize their digital backbone of applications and development practices to support faster innovation and improved performance, security, and reliability, while maintaining a focus on cost. Building a modern application means building with the latest technologies and development techniques.

One way in which modern applications are built and deployed is as a collection of modular services running on managed container orchestrators and serverless compute technologies that support agility and reduce operational overhead. Whether running stable, predictable workloads or more volatile and changing workloads, services such as AWS Fargate can meet these demands while enabling faster development.

From a cost lens, modern application services, such as serverless …