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Joachim Aumann
Joachim Aumann
AWS Guest Author
 Feb 16, 2023 12 min read

Architecture evolution: From zero to future-proof architecture at home24

This blog was co-authored by Aurelijus Banelis, Senior Software Engineer at home24


Home24 is a leading pure-play home & living e-commerce platform in continental Europe and Brazil. It has third-party and private-label assortments combined with a tailored user experience — and that is a good foundation for a sustainable technology business. Aurelijus is proud to be one of the employee who’s witnessed the entire home24 AWS journey: from the times of scalability limitations in the data center to Black Friday’s proven agile cloud architecture.

Spending more on marketing, on-boarding additional customers and processing a higher number of orders requires more hardware to meet the demand. In addition, hiring developers and reacting to the market in a timely manner is a challenging combination. It’s a journey of repeatedly overcoming new cultural and technological limitations.

In order to focus on our next goal, we first needed to overcome existing problems. Higher goals meant …