Maish Saidel-Keesing
Maish Saidel-Keesing
Senior Developer Advocate at AWS
 Jun 29, 2023 1 min read

Shalom, I'm Maish!!


Hello everyone, it is a pleasure to meet you all. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Maish Saidel-Keesing and I am a Senior Developer Advocate for the Amazon Elastic Container Service team at AWS. I have been tinkering with technology for a LONG time, I can still remember when my first computer was a ZX Spectrum, where I mostly played computer games as a kid that would load from a tape recorder. We have come a long way since then.

I come from an operations background, reinventing and changing my career over the years starting at helpdesk positions, through managing large Microsoft infrastructures, designing and managing virtualization platforms over the years (first VMware and then Openstack) and then into several architect roles, until I joined AWS 4 years ago.

I live with my head mostly in the clouds all day, and every day (sometimes literally by flying from one location to another to meet customers or deliver a talk). Please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or Linkedin.


  • Containers
  • Linux & Open Source
  • Security
  • Networking (because it is always the network..)