Nathan Peck
Nathan Peck
Senior Developer Advocate at AWS
 Jun 30, 2023 2 min read

Hi I'm Nathan Peck! 👋

Hi! I work as a senior developer advocate at AWS.

Prior to working at AWS I worked in the NYC startup scene, on my own personal projects, as well as Airtime (a social media platform focused on live social experiences), and StoryDesk (an iPad first presentation software with a built-in analytics system).

I’ve enjoyed building things with code for 15+ years now. In my current role at AWS I get to help customers of AWS who are also excited about being software builders. I believe in pragmatic, fast paced software development using tools that help you turn ideas into a reality more easily and efficiently.

To me containers and container orchestration are important tools in the toolbox for any application. But containers are only one tool in my toolbox. There are many right ways to build, but what matters most is the result. So in all my projects, including writing content and patterns for this website, you’ll find that I test out a variety of different ways of building applications. I often have multiple examples that show how to do similar things using entirely different stacks and tools. I love exploring and talking about the many trade-offs we make as builders every time we make choices in our software stacks.

More about me

You can chat with me on Twitter or LinkedIn, or check my blog for interesting articles and videos.

Here are some of my favorite open source sample applications I’m proud of:

I am also responsible for:

  • Awesome ECS: A curated list that helps folks who want to dive into the world of deploying containerized applications using Amazon ECS.
  • ecs-service-extensions: An AWS Cloud Development Kit module for constructing ECS services and extending them with features like service mesh and observability